Actress Farah Ruma

Actress Farah Ruma

Actress Farah Ruma

Actress Farah Ruma is busy now. She has already worked for some serials and drama of one hour. Chanchal Choudhry has performed against her in the play ‘Kushum Kushum Bhalobasha’, which was directed by Taher Shipon and written by Anisul Haque. She also finished a drama, which was produced by the own production of BTV.

The name of the play was ‘Ei Mon Tomake Dilam’. The drama of producer Harun-or-Rashid was written by Tanvir Rana. Except the solo drama, Ruma also finished the work of three serials, and the plays are, ‘Aziz Market Shahbagh-1000′, ‘Amar Bou Shob Jane’ and ‘Mon Jokhon Emon’.

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