Baksa Bangla Natok on ATN Bangla

Baksa Bangla Natok on ATN Bangla

Baksa Bangla Natok on ATN Bangla

The drama ‘Baksha’ depicts the chronicles of Gazi in his quest to unlock the box with all its supposed treasures. While doing his everyday house chores, Dilwar Gazi suddenly stumbles upon a magnificently crafted box.

Succumbed to the lure, he duly opens the box only to discover another one placed inside it carrying a note that instructs him to entertain his entire family, if he is to unlock the box and acquire all its bounties. Determined to discover what lies inside the box, Gazi becomes relentless in his efforts to amuse his family members, who are baffled by his atypical behavior.

Scripted by Mohiudden Ahmed and directed by Dipongkor Dipon.

The casting in the drama includes Diti, Srabonti, Dinar, Homayara Himu, Black Anawar, Amirul Haque Chudhuwary, Afroza Banu and Al-Mamun among others.

Fourteenth episode of drama serial ‘Baksa’ will be aired on ATN Bangla at 8:00pm every thursday.

Ariful Islam Mithu

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