Banchar Aasha nominated for Emmy Awards

Banchar Aasha nominated for Emmy Awards

ATN Bangla’s docu-drama Banchar Aasha has been nominated for the 35th Emmy Awards, hosted by the US Academy of Television Arts and Science, and considered equivalent to the Oscars.Banchar Aasha will compete in the ‘International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ category, which honours programmes originating outside the United States. The ATN Bangla production will compete with programmes of the Russian channel TV Kultura, Syrian channel TV Satellite, Gambia Radio and Television Service, NBT Thailand and ZDF Germany at the Emmys. The award-giving programme will be held on November 19 in New York.

This is for the forth-consecutive time that an ATN Bangla production has been nominated for the Emmys. Earlier Amrao Pari won an Emmy in 2004. Amrao Banchte Chai and Dipur Jonyo Elegy — two other docu-dramas produced by ATN Bangla — competed at the Emmys in 2005 and 2006 respectively. All these docu-dramas are especial episodes of ATN Bangla’s regular programme for children, Amra Karbo Joi.

Chairman of ATN Bangla, Mahfuzur Rahman, said, “I’m really glad at the consecutive success of Amra Karbo Joi. The young crew and actors have proven their talents. Banchar Aasha should win at this year’s Emmy.”

Banchar Aasha was first aired on December 10, 2006 in conjunction with the 2006 International Children’s Day of Broadcasting (ICDB) and won an ICDB Award in the regional category. The ICDB Award is jointly presented by UNICEF and International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Banchar Aasha features social prejudice towards a boy who inherited HIV from his mother. Like everyone else, he too has the urge to experience and enjoy everything beautiful in this world. On the reason behind going with this subject, Pavel Rahman, senior press executive of ATN Bangla, informed, “International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences selected ‘Unite for Children, Unite Against AIDS’ as the theme of this year’s competition.”

Banchar Aasha is written by Abu Sufian, directed by Faysal Mahmud and produced by Tashiq Ahmed. The cast includes young actors Sayem Samad, Kona, Duo, Razib and others.

This is yet another ATN Bangla production nominated for Emmy Awards

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