Banna Mirza Interview eXclusive

Banna Mirza Interview eXclusive

Eid brings in a festive air. After a month of fasting, everyone tries to make this occasion a little more special. How do celebrities celebrate the occasion? What do they think of this day? A familiar face on the small screen, Bonya Mirza, shares her thoughts.“When I was a child, Eid meant freedom to me. I grew up in a conservative family and there were lots of dos and don’ts for the children. I was never allowed to go anywhere or play around. But on Eid, there was no restriction. It was three days of unlimited fun,” says Banna.

Growing up in a small town in Kushtia, Banna had the opportunity to enjoy the community-based culture. “I think, every festival attains its proper mood when it becomes universal. In this regard, I truly enjoy the Bengali New Year. On Eid, the whole community becomes one big family. That is one of the things I cherished. My childhood memories of Eid consist of fond experiences shared with others. Waking up early in the morning, putting on brand new cloths, I would go visit almost every house in our paara and play with the children. When the day ended, I felt like crying, thinking why must all good things end abruptly? Now living in an apartment complex, I miss those days. People in the metro areas hardly bother about their neighbours. It’s frustrating,” she says.

“We waited eagerly for Eid because it was only time of the years when we made new clothes. Now as my profession demands new clothes often, I don’t specifically wait for Eid to shop.”

A trait inherited from her family, Banna Mirza thinks a lot about the prevailing social injustice and inequality. “Eid is a time for celebration but shouldn’t everyone be entitled to it? People are struggling to cope with the ongoing price hike; the recent disastrous flood has left so many homeless. Is a grand celebration really the right thing to do? I think a better way to celebrate Eid would be donating some of the money, intended for buying expensive new clothes and other items, to the people who desperately need our help. Then it would be a universal celebration.”

The sensitive actress also expresses her concern about the fishermen who did not come back after the recent storms in the Bay of Bengal. “What will these families do this Eid? But I know life goes on. Even a rickshaw-puller will celebrate Eid in his own way. My mother will definitely cook some special dishes and I will spend the day with my family.”

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  1. I like her face. The most beautiful face of the world. Any body can compare her face with The summer in Toronto, Canada.

    If she come to Canada I will be happy to be her host with my cost at her choosing time.

    The dream friend ! Come to Canada.

  2. Hey Banna,How u doing? I would like to tell u straightway one thing, ‘Will u marry me?’.But I am ready to marry u. Waiting on……


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