Bhaber Manush Bangla natok

Bhaber Manush Bangla natok

Bhaber Manush Bangla natok

The drama deals with a village plagued by a group of thieves. Idris, a thief adopts an orphan called Fajar Ali and wants the child to be a thief like him but his wife Sohagi opposes the idea. Sohagi dreams of a dignified future for the child. Idris left no stone unturned to bring the child in his group and keeps on devising new plans to achieve his purpose. What will happen? Will Idris be able to meet his purpose of making Fajar Ali a like them? The drama also depicts the funny incidents centering the people of country life.

The cast includes Rahmat Ali, Wahida Mollik Jolly, Rokeya Prachi, Pran Roy, AKM Hasan Ashu Islam, Rakhi Momtaz, Ejazul Islam and Dihan among others.

Writer and Director:
The drama is written by Maruf Ahmed and directed by Monir Hossain Jibon.

Date & Time:
The drama serial ‘Bhaber Manush’ airs on Channel 1 saturdays at 9:00pm.

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