Chanchal Chowdhury – Small Screen Super Star

Chanchal Chowdhury - Small Screen Super Star

Chanchal Chowdhury is one of the talented and busiest actors on small screen at present. His performance as Fiza Master in the mega serial Bhober Haat has cemented his popularity among a wide range of audience. Though this character has provided him with instant recognition, according to Chanchal, it was the Grameenphone TV commercial Ma, which launched his career.

Apart from Bhober Haat, the actor has worked in several other TV plays. Among them Bangsher Bati, Goruchor and Warren — single episode plays directed by Salahuddin Lavlu; Etimkhana, Swapner Bilat directed by Giasuddin Selim and Mamunur Rashid’s Nurunnahar, another single episode play, are notable.

Chanchal is currently working in Giasuddin Selim’s film Monpura. This will be his second appearance on the silver screen. Upcoming TV serials include Shakin Sari-suri, directed by Salahuddin Lavlu. The serial will be aired on Channel-i (on the same slot) after Bhober Haat ends, says Chanchal. He is also working with Lavlu in another mega serial Ghor Kutum.

The busy actor will be also be seen in Eid-special TV plays.

“I constantly mull over every character I’m working on or am supposed to play. I want to add different dimensions in the characters and I like to experiment,” says a confident Chanchal. He adds, “Attaining fame can be tough but maintaining it is even tougher.”

Asked about his preference in roles, Chanchal says, “To me every character I play is equally important and challenging.”

In 2005, the promising actor received a Meril-Prothom Alo Award for ‘best model’ (for the Ma ad). In 2006, he won another Meril-Prothom Alo Award; this time as the ‘best actor’, for his performance (Chanchal’s debut in films) in Tauquir Ahmed’s Rupkathar Golpo.

Born and raised in Pabna, Chanchal was a second year student of Institute of Fine Arts (IFA) when he jointed Aranyak Natyadol. He completed his honours and masters from IFA. After completing masters he jointed CODA/SODA/UODA as a teacher. As he became busier on stage and TV, he could not continue teaching fulltime.

Chanchal plays a key role, called ‘Laley’, in Aronyak’s popular production Shangkranti. In Che-er Cycle (a Bangla Theatre production), he plays six different characters including those of Fidel Castro and a peace-loving young boy, Shubhro — demonstrating his versatility. Chanchal considers his performance in Che-er Cycle as one of his best works on stage so far.

On his contemporaries, the actor says, “Several artistes are doing well. Among them, A.K.M Hasan, Mosharraf Karim, Shamim Zaman, Anisur Rahman Milon, Tisha, Chandni and Richi Solaiman have done some impressive works.”

Chanchal says that performing in front of the camera is relatively easy for him, thanks to his experience on stage. He adds, “Acting in films is more challenging than TV plays because of its duration and format.”

Though at present the IFA graduate cannot make time for brush and canvas, he would like to pursue painting in future.
(Interviews by Jamil Mahmud)

18 thoughts on “Chanchal Chowdhury – Small Screen Super Star

  1. hello bro,
    u r just too good. i saw a natok after a long time & i really enjoyed it.
    thats all 4 2day. i think u’ll go long way. best wish 4

  2. Hey Fiza Master (chanchal),
    I saw ur natok “Bhober Hat” and i liked it SOOOO MUCH… at CT almost every family we watch it. i hope to see u on the next natok. BEST OF LUCKK!!!

  3. hi chanchal bayya,
    i saw your natok “bhober hat”.it was the best drama.tania apu and your acting was very nice.i really enjoyed it .i live i england.

  4. ohH HH my god fiza sir apni etto bhalo act korte paren??i cant believe it mind it fiza sir apnar obhinoi dekhte khub bhalo lage …..i was so wrong sir ami bhebe chilam apni shudhu romantic ntoker jonnoi perfect kintu na shob rokom characterer jonnoi oerfect…..fiza sir apni bhALO THAKBEN OK OK MIND IT HAHAHAHAHA ORE NAREEEE FIZA SIR APNARE APNAR E BHOLA ETO SHOHOZ NARE KHUUB KOSHTER….

  5. hi bhaia,
    your acting was the best in bhoberhaat it was the best episode I had ever seen. Thanks to allah because of allah you have the ability to perform such a great role.

  6. Hi Bhaia
    How are you?
    whats about your all member?
    congratulation you for your perform.I beleive that you can change our bangla cinema.

  7. Hi dear broo.h u doing? I always wish u to live well otherwise i am not gonna live well……………..becous i like u so much i respect u and i wish u best of luck.
    i just wanna say u ………….. on the tv chanle u r the pafect actor at any roll u can match with every charectar i like that and every people like it that’s ur main credit

    I wanna acting on the tv like u …. o re na rey………………..

  8. Hi,
    i m kaniz.i watch your natok waren sevarel times and i think its a soooooooooooo nice natok that i ever seen. this natok is realy very good. in that natok fote(your wife in that natok) act so beautiful. i want to thank her by u. pls send my masses to her that she done very very very very very good. you too. you are a tallant actor. go ahead.

  9. hey,
    i like your natok, and i dont miss if i get the VCD or DVD in shop. really i enjoy it all of your natok. i wish you long live and give us such as funny and comedy natok. wish you all the best.

  10. fiza sir,
    bhober hat dekar porteke ami apnake khuboi posondo kori….khuje khuje deki kutaw apnar natok pawa jaikina..pelei download kori…tobe ghor kutum e apnake mora mora legese….
    ami jodi meye hotam tailet apnaek ekta love leiiiiitar ditam hahahh ..ore nare kiso mone korben na…hahhah

  11. Saalam Chanchal bhaia,

    I am Runa from England, Iam a very big fan of yours. I think you are a excellent actor at such a young age you have acted out many different roles I have watched all your natoks, my favorites are vober hat, tomar dowai balo asee ma, ghor kutum, Shakin Sari-suri and especially the sylheti natok you did with Tarin was great as it was a defferent dielect, you did a fab job. I can’t wait for Monpura, I have watched the trailers of that film and listened to the music and I’m very pleased that you are co staring with Fazlur Rahman Babu bhaia as he is another favorite actor of mine, he has done a grand job of singing the songs in this film. I hope you will make lot more natoks/ films with him. Finally keep up with the excellent work and please make more SYLHETI natoks. MAY ALLAH (SWT) BLESS YOU, Ameen. Runa. :-)

  12. Dear Bhaia,
    How are you i am a very big fan of yours. i think you are a godd actoress, and i looking your all apisod, these natok it likes so beautiful, most popular natok to your vobar Hat. really it is excellent natok, i am looking it and i am
    surprised really surprised.
    ok thanks,

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