Djinn-er Badshah on RTV

Djinn-er Badshah on RTV

The play revolves around Allah Rakkha and his adventures. His father named him “Allah Rakkha” so that he may always be protected by Allah. Allah Rakkha is always busy stealing from his neighbours and creating ruckus. One day Allah Rakkha comes across Chaand Banu. He develops an infatuation for her and decides to marry her. Things go well until Chaand Banu’s parents arrange her marriage to someone else. To foil this, the mischievous Allah Rakkha comes up with a plan to use the local superstition regarding Djinns. He disguises himself and pretends to be the “Badshah of Djinns”, scaring Chaand Banu’s parents. However, what ensues, changes Allah Rakkha forever.
Djinn-er Badshah has been adapted and directed by M. Sakhawat Hossain. The cast includes Anisul Haq Milon, S.M. Mohsin, Mohammad Bari and others.

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