Dokhiner Manush by Mozammel Haq Niyogi on Bangla Vision

Fazlur Rahman Babu and Tomalika Karmakar in Dokhiner Manush

In the play, Rashid is a poor logger who travels through villages, looking for work.

In a village he comes across Jaigun and falls for her. However, Asmat’s entry into the scene makes the whole situation complicated as he entices Jaigun’s father with his wealth to win his approval.

After Jaigun rejects him, he gets enraged. Asmat traps Rashid in a sack and casts it away on a bhela.
Fazlur Rahman Babu, Tomalika Karmakar and Ratin play the lead roles. The play is written by Mozammel Haq Niyogi and directed by Sadia Swati.

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