Drama Serial Chorkuthuri Bangla Natok

Tinni and Zahid Hasan in drama serial Chorkuthuri

Tinni and Zahid Hasan in drama serial Chorkuthuri

Story of Chorkuthuri:
Bachelor Abu Sikandar is a powerful person in a village. He passes his days with happy-sorrow stories of the villagers and his adopted son Sufian. Dalil Uddin looks after his all properties. Dalil Uddin lives with his wife and a daughter Dulni. Dulni loves Banshi. Honest member of the village Dil Mohammad Dilu. His son Kismat passes his days with bohemian attitude.

Ayon Chowdhury has scripted the drama Chorkuthuri, while Zahid Hasan has directed the serial. Pijush Bondapaddhya, Tushar Khan, Dr Ezaz, Intekhab Dinar, Chandni, Kushum Sikdar, Chitralekha Guha, Jhuna Chowdhury, Tofa Hasan, Shirin Alam, Noyon, Tariq Swapan, Abid Rehan, Rumi, Zahid Hasan, among others, performed in the serial Chorkuthuri.

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