Ekla Cholorey on Rtv

Ekla Cholorey

The plot follows Shaila, who, after finishing her studies in US comes back to Bangladesh and joins a private TV channel. Asked by the programme head of the channel, Shaila starts working on a show on the occasion of the Independence Day.

Rumman, the cameraman, helps her a lot in this venture. Shaila did not see the war but while interviewing people for her programme, she gets a glimpse of 1971. She comes across stories of struggle, sacrifice and frustration. But what really changes her view is the conversation with Rumman’s father, who could not actively participate in the war as a freedom fighter. With this discontent, he continues working for the country. To him, the war has not ended, Just the form has changed. The war to shape up the country goes on.

Written by Faria Hossain and directed by Chayanika Chowdhury, the cast of the play includes Tisha, Nirob, Masud Ali Khan and Keya Chowdhury.

21 thoughts on “Ekla Cholorey on Rtv

  1. I love this natok so much. When I watched this natok it was so fun to watch. I love this girl who studied in US and came to Bangladesh and joined a private tv channnel.

  2. vaia ami to apneder ai natok gula dwnlode korte partse na.ami kono membership form o khuje pacchi na. kindly jode ama k janaten j kivabe ki korbo tahole aktu valo hoto

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