Ektu Darao Bangla Natok

Ektu Darao Bangla Natok

Ektu Darao Bangla Natok

Ektu Darao Storyline:
The play follows the life of Trina Rahman, a young working woman. Busy with her job, she hardly has the time to contemplate marriage, though her widowed mother wants her to tie the knot. Trina reluctantly gives her consent to an arranged marriage on the condition that she will meet the potential groom one-to-one. Thus she meets Riaz. They spend some time over a few days and develop feelings for each other.

However, Trina hears some unsavoury facts about Riaz that make her change her mind. Riaz doesn’t want to let go.

Written and directed by Kaushik Shankar Das, the play features Tisha and Shojol in the lead roles.

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