Ishita – From child artiste to actor-director

Ishita - From child artiste to actor-director

“I do admit that I’ve had some difficulties breaking the lovable image of a child actor when I started doing adult roles”

Rumana Rashid Ishita, better known as just “Ishita”, is one of the leading actresses on the small screen. Starting off as a child artiste, Ishita soon won the hearts of many, demonstrating her superior histrionic skills as a lovable child, working as a domestic help, ‘Falani’ at the National Competition Natun Kuri in 1988. The then head of the state was seen in tears on national TV, as Falani described abuse at the hands of her employers.

Though she has been trained as a singer and dancer, acting however, remains Ishita’s main interest.

Of late, she has not been that frequent in TV plays though. “From the start, I’ve been very selective about the script, director and the production. I think this is the reason you don’t see me frequently in TV plays nowadays. Moreover, at present I’m busy balancing my job and family life. But as long as I work in quality productions, the quantity doesn’t concern me that much,” says the actress.

Ishita is now busy working as the marketing executive of Channel i. She has also tried her hand at writing and direction recently. So far two single-episode plays Nirjon Aranye and Swapno Swapneel, directed by her, have been aired on Channel i.

“Direction is quite challenging. Till now, I’ve directed plays written by me. I have received encouraging response from the audience,” she says. Another single-episode play titled Godhuli Belaye will be aired on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr.

Does she find it necessary for aspiring actors to go through acting classes? “Well, there are several aspects that can be better comprehended through institutional training. Obviously one needs to have some inherent skills before even considering to take up acting as a profession,” says Ishita.

Does she contemplate acting in films? “Not really. I’ve received several offers but refused all,” her response.

What does she consider as the reason behind her success? “If you can call it ‘success’, I would say the reason behind it is my commitment and sincerity. I’ve always tried to stay true to my work and myself. I consider myself fortunate to have receive constant support from my family — my parents, my husband and in laws,” says the actress.

Was the transition of a child artiste to a mature thespian difficult? “I consider these two phases as quite unique, yet related. The child actor Ishita is the foundation of today’s Ishita. I do admit that I’ve had some difficulties breaking the lovable image of a child actor when I started doing adult roles. Then again every child actor in the world goes through that phase,” Ishita explains.

Which does she consider as her most remarkable work? “Actually when an artist says he/she has done the most remarkable work, that particular career is done and over with. It’s the constant urge to do better that makes an artist move forward,” the actress smilingly says.

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  1. ishita apa apni kemun asen amar naam tafique ami aek jon
    kuwait probashi ami apnar aek jon shoftwer tecnishian ami 7 bosor jabuth kuwait asi akhono deshe aekbar o sotite ashinay kinto ashar echha ase amar ahy duniya kew nay shodo eak khala ase bangladshe ami apnar obinuy khov balobashi amar kase khov valo lage eti apnar sho bay tafique are jodi paren ahy atimtake eakta maill koredian

  2. Still the mamory is floating when I used to see u in NSU. I had a lot of language what was supposed to tell u. Any way,How r u?


  3. Tisha apu you are so sweet. I always like your everything but i most like your eye because i always talk to your eye. Thisa apu don’t mind it, your picture is my bade room decoration. I like you, I love you, I dream you, I read you, I write you, I miss you I …………………………………..

  4. Ishita, ak jon narir shob chaya boro pawa tar Matrithto. Apni ta pate jachan. Ami Allahr kacha dowa kori, apni jano shundor vabe ta pan. Apnar jibon, apnar shong-shar shukher hok. Apnar shontan apnar moto Shundor, Nomro, Vodro hok. Dasher mukh uzzal koruk.

  5. no comments about ishita,,,,coz i know so long time,,,when you start at “natun kuri “.just i want say so long time i am out of country but still i remember you. and i keep you in my desktop,,in my heart,, i know u already married,,,,how is your familly life and how is ur study,,,,,

    my small sister like,,you really,,,,,,,ok,,even then take care and happy life.

    if can pls email me / /

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