Kuley Prem Ami Benojoley

Kuley Prem Ami Benojoley

Following a trivial misunderstanding, Mayur and Milon’s love goes haywire.

When Milon finally realises his fault, Mayur had already married someone else. At this point, Pekhom comes into Milon’s life.

Though Milon tries to find comfort in his new love, Pekhom senses that it is his ex lover who still owns Milon’s heart. The story hits its climax when Milon and Pekhom are contemplating marriage and the bride-to-be receives a letter saying Mayur’s Husband has left her.

Meer Sabbir, Banna Mirza and Nova play the lead roles.

Written by Masum Reza and directed by Syed Awlad, TV play Kuley Prem Ami Benojoley will be aired on Rtv.

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