Lalita Bangla Natok on Ekushey TV

Lalita Bangla Natok on Ekushey TV

Lalita Bangla Natok on Ekushey TV

Drama serial “Lalita” is based on a story by Abdus Salam, the serial is scripted and directed by Jewel Mahmud.

The serial centres on the dreamy Lalita, who lives in a slum. To escape her penury and suffocating environment in the slum, she harbours the ambition of becoming a filmstar. Removed from other people in the slum and live, her only close friend is the 10-year-old Kushum.

Ratan, a hoodlum of the slum, has his eye on Lalita, and marries her forcefully. Though Ratan tries to win Lalita’s heart at first, he soon realises that she is indifferent to him. This infuriates Ratan and he hands over his wife to a pimp. However, this is only the start of Lalita’s journey into the dark world. Nevertheless, Lalita does not stop dreaming.

A production of Ekushey TV serials

Casts & Crews:
Sumaiya Shimu, Joyonto Chattopadhyay, Anisur Rahman Milon, Bannya Mirza, Elora Gauhar, Pran Roy, Joyraj and Misha Saudagar.

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