Lucky Thirteen on Banglavision

Lucky Thirteen on Banglavision

Lucky Thirteen on Banglavision

Lucky Thirteen Synopsis:
The plot centres on a young man who wants to free himself from the chains imposed on him by his family. Presently human life becomes complex and revolves with a tough reality. After completing school and college life a young man wants to get relief from a fixed family routine. He decides to live independently. Subsequently, one day, he takes some money, leaves home and seeks shelter with a friend. Euphoric with his newfound freedom, he soon realises that he has been selfish to his near and dear ones. Now begins a period of introspection. Then he faces many realities. He promises to face these realities one by one and fight against the society.

Written by:
Shafayet Mansur Rana

Directed by:
Redwan Roni.

Cast and Crews:
Hasan Masud, Mosharraf Karim, Prabha, Dipa Khandakar and Afroza Banu. Prova, Hasan Masud, Mosharraf Karim, Mahmud Sajjad, Kochi Khondaker, Rifat, Nupur, Imtu

One thought on “Lucky Thirteen on Banglavision

  1. ai Lucky Thirteen bangla natoka ja akta jossh english song ase ata kar & ai song er pothom line ta ki pls jana ben

    natok tar pothom part ta kothin hoisa awesome

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