Madhur Jhamela on ATN Bangla

Madhur Jhamela on ATN Bangla

A single episode TV play Madhur Jhamela was aired on ATN Bangla at 11:15 am on May 15th. Cast of the one hour play included Masud Ali Khan, Dilara Zaman, Mir Sabbir, Tisha, Zillur Rahman, Mina and child artiste Pidim.

The story is built upon the different amusing incidents that occur in the family of Jumman. He lives with his ill-tempered wife, a cowardly son Kuddus and his mischievous grandson. Kuddus has taken fancy for a girl living in the same apartment building as theirs. Eventually Jumman and the other members of his family get to know about Kuddus’s love interest which causes various silly complications.

Written by Limton, the play is directed by Shahiduzzaman Selim.

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