Modhyanno Bhoj Ki Hobey on ATN Bangla

Modhyanno Bhoj Ki Hobey on ATN Bangla

The play highlights a burning issue. The plot follows the relationship between two university students. Friendship between Wasika and Dolon turns into a relationship and they want to get married. But Wasika has to go through an acid test; she has to spend a day with Dolon’s cold and strict mother Najma and win her over.

Things go well for her until it is revealed at lunch that Wasika’s father is Bihari. Najma recalls how the Biharies slaughtered her parents in front of her during the Liberation War and asks Wasika to leave. Wasika argues that her father is Bihari but she is not. She was born in Bangladesh and is a Bangladeshi.

Dolly Zahur and Tarin have played the roles of Najma and Wasika in the play.

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