Opekkha O Ekti Mrittu Bangla Natok on Channel 1

Opekkha O Ekti Mrityu Bangla Natok on Channel 1

The play is written by Mezbaur Rahman Shumon and directed by Pervez Amin.

Nila, a journalist, is awakened one day by a phone call from her boss; he asks her to go to the Dhaka Medical College morgue. As she arrives there she finds the dead body of a student who has died in a road accident.

She finds his diary from the police and starts to read, as she turns each page, a tragic story of a love affair starts to emerge– Aditya, a college student falls for one of his college mates, Meghla, but can’t express his feelings as she is married. He starts to write to her everyday. Meghla in time becomes curious about the writer and starts to develop feelings for him. Srabonti and Shojol have done the central roles in the play.

Channel 1 telecasted single episode TV play Opekkha O Ekti Mrityu, Sept 14th at 3:00pm.

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