Opoya Bangla Telefilm on Ekushey Television on Eid

Opoya Bangla Telefilm on Ekushey Television on Eid

Nadia and Mir Sabbir in Opoya

Written by Shahriar Khan, the tele-film has been directed by Kaushik Sankar Das.

The story of the film follows an uncomplicated middle class man Rubel, who teaches at a college. One day he is caught red handed as he appears to be handing out cheat sheets at the examination hall. This however, is a conspiracy by Tuhin, one of his students.

Following the incident, Rubel gets fired from the college. Rubel falls for a girl named Urmi. But Tuhin strikes again. This time Rubel is put in a situation that makes him appear as a mugger. He is arrested and put in jail; Urmi leaves him too. The story gets a twist when Rubel comes out of jail after a few years.

Mir Sabbir, Nadia and Majnun Mizan play the lead roles in the tele-film.
Tele-film Opoya will be aired first at 3:30 pm on Ekushey Television on fifth day of Eid.

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