Pratichchhaya Bangla Natok on Ekushey TV

Pratichchhaya Bangla Natok on Ekushey TV

Single-episode play Pratichchhaya will be aired on Ekushey TV as part of their five-day-long Eid special programme. Written by Kamrul Hasan and directed by Abu Sayeed.The play follows Mahtab and his sons. Mahtab has established his business through integrity and hard work. He is contemplating retirement and wants his sons to take over.

However, his indolent and lying sons disappoint him. They don’t even bother to go to the office regularly and watch TV all day long. Adding to Mahtab’s worries, his son in law comes to stay with the family after quitting his job. To create a diversion, Mahtab buys a snake and lets it loose.

Casts of the play include K. S. Firoz, Afroza Banu, Zahid Hossain Shobhon, Ahsan Habib Nasim, Elora Gauhar, Nazneen Chumki, Dihan and Majnun Mizan.

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