Rupar Mudra on RTV

Rupar Mudra on RTV

Raihan has a hobby of collecting coins. He sets off to Trishal, Mymensingh in search of a coin from Emperor Akbar’s era, in possession of a jewellery shop owner Mostafa. On the way, he comes across the stationmaster Sirajul Miah. Mostafa informs Raihan that the coin is currently with an old woman, and he would have to wait for at least a month in order to obtain it from her. Meanwhile, Raihan stays at Sirajul Miah’s house where he befriends the stationmaster’s divorcee daughter, Rabu. Although, Mostafa and Raihan succeed in getting hold of the coin, a chain of unfortunate events follow.

The serial is written and directed by Dipankar Dipon. Chanchal Chowdhury and Tisha play the major roles in the serial.

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