Sakin Sarisuri

Sakin Sarisuri

Sakin Sarisuri

The plot is set in a village called Sarisuri. Interestingly enough, the residents are all thieves. The village is home to Muslims, Hindus and Christians who live in harmony, respecting and celebrating each other’s creed and festivals. The village is virtually isolated from neighbouring areas for its natives’ reputation of being swindlers. The local administration is well aware of the villagers’ “profession” but does not take severe legal actions, as election is close.

The serial advances with a conflict among the villagers when the daughter of the local godfather falls for a young thief.

Brindaban Das has written story of the drama.

The cast includes Mamunur Rashid, Wahida Mallik Jolly, Masum Aziz, Nazmul Huda Bachchu, Salauddin Lovlu, Azizul Hakim, Golam Farida Chhanda, Chanchal Chowdhury, Shanu, A Kh M Hasan, Mosharraf Karim, Simana, Niba Rani, Saju Muntasir, Habibur Rahman Modhu, Shikha, Silvi, Barun, Mithu and Rawnak Hasan.

Drama serial “Sakin Sarisuri” goes on air at 7:50 pm. Written by Brindabon Das, the serial is directed by Salauddin Lavlu, and is aired on Saturdays and Sundays.

Salauddin Lovlu on this Drama Serial:
“A huge number of drama serials are being aired on various television channels. There are various types of incidents in those serials. For this reason, viewers are watching the serials. But sometimes, viewers take some of the serials negatively as because those do not attract them. Of those serials, some also attracts the viewers. Recently some of my dramas drew attention of the viewers as viewers have found different story and characters in the dramas. With their (viewers) inspiration, I have made my new drama serial ‘Sakin Sarisuri’ for my viewers,” said popular drama director Salauddin Lovlu while talking at the function briefed on the drama serial and introduced performers of the serial to the journalists. Then performers also echoed the same excitement on their performances in the drama serial.

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  1. salauddin Lavlo is a great man…. best director ever I seen… thanks to him to creat all nice drama for the Begali people.

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