Shamima Islam Tusti – A promising artiste and her budding career

Shamima Islam Tusti - A promising artiste and her budding career

Shamima Islam Tusti has now become a familiar face to the TV audience thanks to her role in the hugely popular mega serial Bhober Haat, currently being aired on Channel-i. In the series, her portrayal as the character, Miss Mahela, has attained the attention of TV viewers.

Tusti became a member of People’s Little Theatre (PLT), a wing organisation of People’s Theatre Association (PTA), in 1994. PLT works with child actors, honing their artistic skills through theatre. According to Tusti, “It was Lucky uncle (Liaquat Ali Lucky, secretary general of PTA) who encouraged me to take acting seriously and provided me with opportunities to perform in plays.”

As a member of PLT, Tusti has toured several countries, performing at different theatre festivals. At theatre festivals in Cuba and London she worked as a director, along with Liaquat Ali Lucky.

Apart from PTA and PLT, Tusti is currently working with the theatre troupe, Lokonatyadal, as well. She has also become busy with different TV plays and commercials. Recently she has worked in Taher Shipon’s drama serial Mon Paban-er Naw, all set to air soon. On managing her time between TV and theatre, the actress says, “Though my TV career is growing, I’d still like to consider theatre as my priority.”

Apart from cultural activities, she also teaches at BAF Shaheen College.

Tusti has worked in two films so far. Swapnodanay, directed by Golam Rabbani Biplob, has already received international acclaim. Her first film was Lal Shabuj (2006), directed by Shahidul Islam Khokon.

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