Shiulimala on Bangla vision Tv

Shiulimala on Bangla vision Tv

Shiulimala features a love story between Azhar and Shiuli. Azhar, a barrister, goes to Shilong on vacation. Apart from being a renowned lawyer, Azhar is a skilled chess player. Soon, he starts to challenge the local chess players. At one point he meets Professor Chowdhury, the local chess master. After losing to Azhar, Chowdhury invites him to stay at his house as a guest. There, Azhar meets Shiuli, daughter of Professor Chowdhury. As days go by, a relationship develops between the two.

The play is directed by Kamal Chakma and has been adapted by Kazi Abu Zafar Siddiqui.

The cast includes Azizul Hakim, Jyotika Jyoti, Sirajul Islam, Tushar Khan, Bhashwar Bandyopadhyay and others.

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