Shohel Khan

Shohel Khan Bangladeshi Actor

Shohel Khan Bangladeshi Actor

Actor Shohel Khan has won the hearts of thousands for his superb performance as a Razakar (Bengali collaborator of the Pakistani army during our Liberation War) in a movie. The film in question “Amon Deshti Kothau Khu(n)je Pabey Nako Tumi,” has been directed by the popular Mostofa Sarwar Farooki. It is the sequel to an acclaimed cinematic work by Farooki, titled “Spartacus 71.” Both the films feature Shohel Khan, an actor who slips into many a role with ease.

He first appeared on the small screen with the TV play “Detective” by Rabindranath Tagore around three years ago. Within a short span of time, he became one of the busiest character artistes on the small screen. He was also seen in popular TV serials such as “420,” “Houseful” and several others along with several TV commercials. The actor is set to receive an award in the US for his role in the Dhaliwood film, titled “Amon Deshti Kothaou Khu(n)je Pabey Nako Tumi.”

“The role is really a milestone in my acting career. When Farooki first appro-ached me for a role in “Spartacus 71”, I was doubtful if I would do it. The reason is that usually I do not follow any script. I just concentrate on my role and figure out how I would act if I were the character.

“The technique of not following a particular script is working really well. This brings a natural touch to my acting and my audience too appreciates it. But in that film, Farooki fleshed out my character in detail and I had several long dialogues to deliver. So, that was a challenge, as far as my acting style was concerned. As always, Farooki inspired me a great deal.”

And Shohel has done the job so well that at least several roles have come his way, similar to the character in ” Amon Deshti Khothau Khu(n)je Pabey Nako Tumi”. The actor smilingly says,” My roles are quite similar. I don’t mind as long as my audience like it.”

In fact, from his childhood he wanted to be a TV star. His acquaintance with Farooki helped him attain his dream. His first taste of success was his popular dialogue in a TV commercial for a mobile telephone operator.

The actor thoroughly enjoys his stardom, “I never thought I’d be so popular; for me this is a dream-come-true. However, sometimes I get so busy with shooting, that I cannot spend time with my family and friends.” Easy to understand, since he has two school going children.

He is also particularly attached to his village Rajapur in Dhamrai. “I feel homesick if I stay away from my village even for a week. Whenever I get the opportunity, I go there,” concludes Shohel.

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  1. Hi Shohel vai. keep it up as you are doing now. we like so much. be more brave & give us some more color from your acting. best of luch mamu.

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