Tania – Interview with upcoming actress Tania

Tête-à-tête with upcoming actress Tania

Arifa Hossain Tania, better known as Tania, is fast becoming popular as a TV actress. Tania’s stepped into the world of acting when she joined theatre troupe Nagarik Natya Sampraday. This young actress made her first appearance on a TV commercial for Sunsilk and at present she is seen in TV serials Mahanagar and Salah-uddin Lavlu’s Ghar Kutum.

Going over at her previous works, Tania believes her role in Brishti Tomaye Dilam, directed by Debashish Biswas has been the best experience so far. She also fondly remembers her stage performances — as Parijat in the play Chhayanat (an adaptation of a novel by iconic actor Utpal Dutt), and as Cressida in Troilus and Cressida.

On her role in Ghar Kutum, Tania said, “In the serial, I play the role of a naive and shy village belle Mariam. When Salahuddin Lavlu first approached me, I was sort of reluctant, as the character demanded everything I was not. I had to undergo a considerable amount of transformation and work on the dialect of Pabna that the character uses in the serial. Both Lavlu bhai and Chanchal bhai (Chanchal Chowdhury) have helped me a lot in this regard.”

Although Tania places family at the top in her priorities, she frankly admits that it is not easy to make time for family amidst her busy schedule. “However much we try, we are not able to spend as much time with our families as we want. I consider myself fortunate that I have a wonderful family who understand my obligations and support my work immensely,” she explained. She is also grateful to her directors ad co-actors who have provided guidance and pointers.

A business graduate from Asian University of Bangladesh, Tania strongly believes that education is important for any individual. “To be an artiste, talent is definitely the first requirement, but talent alone doesn’t seal the deal. An actor should also contemplate the pros and cons of the media world,” she said.

Tania aspires to be an accomplished actress and wants to offer the audience some memorable roles.

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